Yes, it’s water. Yes, it’s Black. Minerals you can see.

EarthWater is comprised of 70+ life essential 100% NATURAL Trace Minerals provided by our proprietary blend of Fulvic & Humic compound which turns our water BLACK & gives it a natural 9.5ph. This mineral composition helps the human body hydrate better, absorb nutrients faster and replenish electrolytes, well beyond regular water.


100% Natural | Alkaline Water | 70+ Trace Minerals + Fulvic & Humic Compounds

  • Natural 9.5 - 10.5 pH

  • Improves Gut Health & Immune Function

  • Helps Boost Digestion & Nutrient Absorption

  • Improves Energy Levels & Lowers Pain

  • Lowers Free Radical Damage & Inflammation

  • Improves Detoxification

  • Repairs & Protects the Skin

  • Enables More Restful Sleep

  • Protects Cognitive Health

  • Enables Better Hormone & Electrolyte Balance

EarthWater is proud to be the official water of

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