Zenful Mineral Infused Water


Cleansing Antioxidants & Natural Electrolytes provides you with a Mindful & Healthy Hydration!

  • Replenish your body with 70 Trace Minerals that invigorate both Mind and Body!

  • Sugar-Free Flavored Water that is Vegan & Gluten-Free

  • A Simple and Refreshing Mineral Water with a Deliciously subtle Fruit Flavor!

  • Our Flavored Mineral Water is made with Fulvic Minerals; some of these minerals are: Iron, Potassium, Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium!

  • Available in FOUR Delicious Flavors

    • Chamomile + Hibiscus

    • Cucumber + Mint

    • Lemon + Lime + Cilantro

    • Jasmine + Blackberry

  • Each Case of Zenful Contains 12 20oz. BPA Free Bottles

Product Description

Flavored Water that will Hydrate, Replenish & help you Recover Faster & Better than Ever!

Zenful provides Rapid Hydration that delivers Essential Trace Minerals into the Body along with Powerful Antioxidants & Natural Electrolytes. It's a Naturally Flavored Water which tastes Delicious and Refreshing! Sodas & Energy Drinks are loaded with TONS of carbs & sugars, which drag you down instead of boost you up. Choose HEALTHY HYDRATION that will Rehydrate, Replenish & Recover you!

Grab Yourself a Flavored Water that's Sugar-Free & Vegan

Finding a Nutritious Flavored Water can be discouraging. You turn the bottle around, only to find it is loaded with sugar & carbohydrates. With Zenful, you will LOVE that it is Sugar-Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and loaded with 70+ Minerals that Hydrate Better & Quicker than regular tap water. Zenful contains Essential Minerals like: Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and many more! Restore yourself with a Mineral Water designed to Invigorate both Body and Mind!

Rapid Rehydration + Minerals & Electrolytes, Makes Recovering Faster & Simpler

Whether it's a Yoga session, a workout, or a long run the Secret to giving you SUPERIOR REHYDRATION is in our proprietary Fulvic complex. This complex contains 70+ Trace Minerals & Natural Electrolytes, which regular bottled water doesn't have. For the price of a regular SPORTS DRINK, you can Recover FASTER & BETTER WITH ZENFUL. Have it at every workout to REFUEL & REHYDRATE your body! An Easier, Faster & Healthier way to get the Hydration & Electrolytes you Need – just by Drinking Our Water!

Skip the Bad Feelings after a workout and Stop Missing out on Natural Electrolytes, Quick Rehydration, and Powerful Antioxidants and Cleansers. Find Out What You've been Missing! Drink Different & FEEL the Difference with Zenful!