Team EarthWater & American Diabetes Association

Diabetes impacts ONE OUT OF FOUR AMERICANS. I am personally affected by this disease. My Mother is a Type II and my older Brother is a Type I diabetic. The impact of Diabetes costs Billions of dollars a year, in Health Care Costs and affects the lives of millions of people.

Let’s all Fund & Find a CURE!

Here at EarthWater, we do all we can through our Mission Statement to change and improve people's lives, and help “reduce the incidence of diabetes and obesity.” We do this by educating the public about our all natural mineral infused (high pH) water around the world. Please do what you can.

Team EarthWater is proud to support the 2018 "Tour de Cure" 

We will be LIVE at the Texas Event on October 20th, 2018

Please visit our ADA website for more information.

If you would like to contribute

100% of proceeds will be donated to the ADA


Please note all the following locations coming up this year

to support the ADA for the Tour de Cure 

2018 Tour de Cure: DFW

Parker, TX
October 20, 2018


2018 Tour de Cure: Inland Empire

Riverside, CA
November 17, 2018


2018 Tour de Cure: Jax

St. Augustine, FL
December 1, 2018