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At EarthWater, we are passionate about helping everyone get the nutrition their body needs on a daily basis. We know that often times the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients the body needs are missing from our diets. Everywhere, people like us who want to live healthy, active lives are turning to supplements, drugstore vitamins and other means of adding these crucial missing pieces to their diets.  But with EarthWater, putting the nutrients you need back into your diet is as simple as drinking water. 

Each bottle of EarthWater packs up to 70+ Trace Minerals through our proprietary Fulvic / Humic mineral complexes.



EarthWater FulHum is an alkaline water, with +9 pH which maximizes absorption of micronutrients into the body, rehydrates better than normal water, and is full of powerful antioxidants to combat free-radicals. The water is BLACK because of the Humic Complex - the same reason it's so healthy. 

This same complex is available in our Concentrated Mineral Packets, which allow you to take your health into your own hands and on the go. Adding this mineral concentrate packet to at least 20oz. of filtered water turns any normal water into healthy hydration. Also available as Mineral Caps - you just snap the cap straight onto your water bottle, press down, and watch it mix!

For more information about FulHum, please read our official product overview HERE! 

FulHum Bottle 4-pack (20oz) 

FulHum Mineral Concentrate Packets (30 count)

    FulHum Bottle 24-pack (8oz)

           FulHum Bottle 12-pack (20oz)

FulHum Mineral Caps (30 count)