DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 1, 2017

EarthWater, an exclusive partner of Amazon.com, is excited to announce the expansion of its partnership with BK Racing to include The Country Network (TCN) for the NASCAR Race ''AAA Texas 500'' at Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) on November 5th.

EarthWater, a Texas based, health and wellness company that produces High-Alkaline Mineral beverages which contain a proprietary blend of Fulvic/Humic with Trace Minerals for healthy hydration and powerful antioxidants.

#83 BK Racing Toyota Camry, Earthwater & The Country Network Wrap

#83 BK Racing Toyota Camry, Earthwater & The Country Network Wrap

Ron Devine, President of BK Racing stated, ''BK Racing is fortunate to have these two sponsors working together. The Country Network and EarthWater will be on the No. 83 Toyota Camry, with Gray Gaulding behind the wheel of the No. 83 in the AAA Texas 500 at TMS this weekend.''

EarthWater has been the Official Water of BK Racing for the 2017 NASCAR season, and is excited to now share the #83 car with The Country Network.

The Country Network, a Texas based company, is dedicated to providing today's Country music enthusiasts with more choices and variety in televised and digital programming. TCN is available in 51 markets across the US and all major streaming services including Roku.

Tim Eaton, TCN's President and CEO stated, ''The AAA Texas 500, virtually in our backyard, is a great way to kick off our partnership with BK Racing and EarthWater. We are delighted to collaborate with EarthWater on BK Racing's No.83 Toyota Camry driven by Gray Gaulding, at TMS this weekend, which is just thirty minutes from Toyota's new USA headquarters in Plano, Texas.''

''Our partnerships mean everything to us - they become part of our family. That's how we see BK Racing and The Country Network collaboration. It's a great fit. We are excited to share the #83 car with TCN and to stand behind Gray Gaulding on the track,'' stated Cash Riley, President of EarthWater.

The AAA Texas 500 will be the finale to a weekend full of racing at Texas Motor Speedway. Ticket packages are still available through the TMS ticket office at Tel: 817.215.8500 or online at www.texasmotorspeedway.com/tickets.

About EarthWater Limited

EarthWater Limited www.EarthWater.com is a health and wellness company and manufacturer of Mineral Infused High-Alkaline Beverages. The FulHum and Zenful brands use a 100% natural, proprietary blend of organic Fulvic and Humic complexes mined from deep within the Earth's surface. Fulvic and Humic minerals are believed to have properties which detoxify free radicals, and improve absorption of key nutrients. EarthWater products are sold online, exclusively by Amazon.com. To engage with EarthWater online, you are encouraged to 'like,' 'follow' and 'share' on the brand's social media pages. EarthWater inquiries can be made via email to info@earthwater.com.

About BK Racing

BK Racing is a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Toyota Racing team headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The team was founded in 2012 after the owners acquired Red Bull Racing. BK Racing's staff of highly skilled mechanics and engineers fields the No. 23 & 83 entries in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series as a Toyota Racing team. The 2017 season will be BK Racing's 6th consecutive full-time season in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Follow BK Racing on Twitter @BKRacing_2383, Facebook, and Instagram @bkracing_2383. Visit BKRacing online at http://bkracingteam.com/.

About The Country Network

The Country Network (TCN) headquartered in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area is an innovative music video TV network dedicated to providing today's Country music enthusiasts with more choices in televised and digital programming. TCN gives country music fans what they want: the best in country music videos and country music inspired content each and every time they tune in. For more information, please visit 'The Country Network' online at http://tcncountry.net/.

SOURCE: EarthWater Limited