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EarthWater is proud to be partnered with Playbook Investors Network and managing partner, NBA legend Tracy McGrady. This partnership with PIN and Tracy McGrady is a significant milestone for EarthWater.  Over the past year we have grown as a global, online company, but this marks the start of something new and big.  We look forward to seeing our relationship with PIN scale, to bring in more athletes who truly believe in our product the way Tracy does.  Through this partnership and by being partnered with Amazon Exclusives, we can reach markets including the US, Canada and China where Tracy’s influence extends and we can truly play on this global stage.  We are excited and honored to have Tracy McGrady and PIN as part of the EarthWater family and be a part of the EarthWater mission to change and improve people’s lives by drinking the healthiest water in the world.

PIN is dedicated to creating business opportunities for minorities, women, investors and corporations working with athletes and entertainers in mission of supporting and celebrating diversity. 

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