EarthWater Ltd was founded in 2013 to research the origins and science behind “trace minerals” from Planet Earth. In 2014 the Company released its first product called “FulHum” (Fulvic & Humic Minerals) in a unique patented (20 oz) PET/BPA Bottle to the retail market. As the Company grew it released other SKU’s and then in 2018 expanded their presence to be an Exclusive Online Company selling “Direct2Consumer” in a partnership with AMAZON now on sale in 121 Countries. Today EarthWater is recognized as a premiere “Made in USA” manufacturer of a line of health and wellness products infused with our proprietary and secret liquid concentrate derived from over a million of years of natural geological formation and cultivation of the richest plant and forest life trapped beneath the Earth. These exclusive minerals are extracted from a sterile mine and then liquified using a proprietary process down to sub 9 nanometer where no particles can be found. These “trace minerals” are then infused into some of the purest spring water that undergoes one of the most extensive purification and sterilization process in the world to reduce the incidence of Fluoride and Chlorine – creating what we refer to as the “Greatest Water on Earth”. The EarthWater products also carry with it a Natural 9.5-10.5 pH (NOT synthetic made in a lab like other products) to help rid the body of toxins and place the much needed micronutrients missing in our daily diet. The Company’s Mission Statement, “to help improve the quality of peoples lives by placing the much needed micronutrients missing in our daily diet and help reduce the incidence of diabetes and obesity”.