EarthWater Mineral Concentrate Caps

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Product Description

  • MIX WITH YOUR WATER OR DRINK OF CHOICE: Whether it's a bottle of your favorite water, or your morning coffee, don't leave any drink without mixing EarthWater Concentrate into it!

  • ALL NATURAL ELECTROLYTES IN EVERY SIP: EarthWater lets you replenish your thirst AND help replenish your electrolytes quickly!

  • 70 BENEFICIAL MINERALS IN EVERY CAP: Some of the essential Trace Minerals include, but are not limited to, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium!

  • GET SUPERIOR HYDRATION FROM OUR ORGANIC BLACK CONCENTRATE: With 70+ Trace Minerals & All-Natural Electrolytes, you will experience Hydration in a whole new way!

  • AN EASY WAY TO DETOX YOURSELF: EarthWater contains some of the most powerful ANTIOXIDANTS & CLEANSERS in the world allowing you a simple and natural detoxification!

No other Mineral Concentrate, anywhere on Earth, contains as many health-enhancing nutrients and minerals as EarthWater. The organic compounds that give EarthWater its rich, black color also provide its restorative health benefits.

EarthWater is a 100% natural alkaline concentrate made to mix into your favorite bottled water! Formulated to a pH level of +9, its superior alkalinity is achieved by Fulvic & Humic compounds, and more than 70 beneficial trace minerals. Once mixed, the result is a refreshment that not only quenches your thirst and rehydrates your system but it replenishes your body’s core nutrients – the building blocks necessary to restore and maintain optimal health and vitality.

Generally, we reap the benefits of these minerals through the fruits and vegetables we eat. However, due to over-farming and bio-engineering of plants, these important nutrients are no longer sufficiently available in most of food we eat. EarthWater products deliver these minerals to you in a way that is simple to integrate into your daily routine, and easy for your body to absorb. You drink water everyday; make sure it's water that improves your health!

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  • +9 pH





Remove the stock cap from your bottle!

  1. Align the FulHum Mineral Cap with the brim of your bottle & press down around the Mineral Cap's edges until you hear a click or it can't go down any further! NOTE: Twisting the cap onto the rim will not secure it properly.

  2. Upon securing the Mineral Cap, use your left hand to secure the base of the bottle. With your right hand, use your thumb to press down on the top of the Mineral Cap to dispense the Concentrate into your water!

  3. Allow the Concentrate to bond with the water for 30 seconds or until the water is completely black. Give it a shake, remove the cap and you are ready to go

Perfect for ALL Travel

Whether you are flying, riding, or cruising, these caps are perfect for your travel! They can fit right into your pocket, bag, purse and much more!