What's missing from your healthy lifestyle?

Over the years, due to over farming and poor agricultural practices, the Earth's soil has lost much of the concentration of its rich minerals. As a result, the plants and even the proteins in our diet are far less nutritious than they once were. While many people use vitamins and supplements to round out their healthy diets, studies have shown that our body cannot break down and benefit from most engineered, pill or powder form supplements. 


Our minerals

EarthWater supplements are loaded with 70+ Essential Trace Minerals, Powerful Antioxidants, Natural Electrolytes and have +9 pH. Our proprietary blend of Fulvic / Humic minerals, mined from deep below the Earth's surface, allow the body to absorb the maximum benefit of of these life-changing minerals. Fulvic / Humic minerals are created over thousands of  years through the compression of organic matter. As a result they are incredibly oxygen-rich and have a molecular structure that transports minerals and absorbs better than most other molecules.

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