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EarthWater- The Founder's Story: CJ Comu

CJ Comu, CEO of EarthWater, Ltd.

I discovered the "black magic" solution by chance in 2013 while in London having lunch with a business partner and invited guest.

The guest was a man in his 80's that walked an hour and half to our lunch meeting, crushed my hand in our handshake, ordered a steak for lunch and started to talk about how this "black magic" liquid he was drinking, CHANGED HIS LIFE.

When I naturally inquired what it was, he told me it was a mixture of fulvic and humic minerals from a natural deposit on earth, from millions of years ago.

Naturally, my intuition got the better of me and I investigated more. I found the source and started drinking the product that became the company EarthWater.

I can say that in the last three years of drinking the product, religiously every day, traveling thousands of miles around the world; by air, train, bus, taxi, and attending hundreds of conferences in and out of hotel rooms... I have NEVER been sick and feel great every day. My whole family and I, drink EarthWater products.