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With up to 100cc or 1 Heaping scoop of storage, the Umoro One is the perfect supplement companion. A leak-proof compartment gives you various options for use. Designed not to impede water flow to the mouthpiece, you can use your bottle to drink the beverages of your choice without any mixing. This feature makes the Umoro One far more functional and convenient then any other shaker bottle.

Imagine, a new experience where dispensing your supplements were as easy as pushing a button and fumbling with plastics bags or detachable containers were a thing of the past. At Umoro we re-envisioned the shaker bottle to accomplish this experience. You are the center of attention with the Umoro One. Have your supplements ready on demand and easily accessible without second thought.

Add our fulhum products into the mix, and you've got a GAME-CHANGER!