Minerals On-The-Go!

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Take 70+ life essential minerals on-the-go with EarthWater Minerals Concentrate Packets! EarthWater Mineral Packets are TSA approved and is the perfect solution to staying healthy & hydrated throughout your travels. Reduce waste and do your part in helping preserve the environment by refilling a reusable water bottle! Simply fill your water bottle with 20 fluid ounces of regular purified water and add 1 mineral concentrate packet to turn your regular water into the greatest water on EARTH!

EarthWater’s 100% natural alkaline mineral concentrate packets are made to mix into your favorite beverages! Formulated to a pH level of 9.5+, its superior alkalinity is achieved by Fulvic & Humic compounds, and more than 70 beneficial trace minerals. Once mixed, the result is a refreshment that not only quenches your thirst and rehydrates your system but it replenishes your body’s core nutrients – the building blocks necessary to restore and maintain optimal health and vitality.

Generally, we reap the benefits of these minerals through the fruits and vegetables we eat. However, due to over-farming and bio-engineering of plants, these important nutrients are no longer sufficiently available in most of food we eat. EarthWater products deliver these minerals to you in a way that is simple to integrate into your daily routine, and easy for your body to absorb. You drink water every day; make sure it's water that improves your health!