The Future Is Green

Photo Credit: Lionsbrow Photography

Photo Credit: Lionsbrow Photography


From large corporations to regular people like you and I, living sustainably is the cool new thing to do. I’ve been working very hard this year to help people realize that going green is not that difficult and that truly, The Future Is Green. By visiting schools and speaking to children, I am able to help nurture the importance of living sustainably at a young age. I am dedicating this post to sharing four simple steps on living green. First, let’s start with why this matters.

There is insurmountable evidence that climate change is real and caused by humans. Even if you don’t believe this, why in good conscience would you want to leave behind trash? Let’s leave nature as the pristine beauty it deserves to stay!  

1.              Discard old/expired medications appropriately. Never flush them down the drain where they can end up in the water supply. Many pharmacies offer free disposal services.

2.              Decline Styrofoam to-go containers. Styrofoam is very expensive to recycle which is why many facilities don’t even accept it. Request foil or a reusable plastic container if you have to.

3.              Support green businesses. As consumers, we have the power of the dollar and we should hold large corporations to high standards of environmental ethics. Let’s all band together to support business and companies that take sustainability and our health seriously.

4.              Reusable straws! Many restaurants have banned plastic straws. An easy alternative is using a reusable bamboo or metal straw.  

I hope this information opens your world to sustainable living. These are just a few of the simple and quick ways we can each be socially responsible citizens of Earth.

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Remember, The Future Is Green!

Author: Yashvi Aware