Guest Blog Feature: Miss Rocky Mountains Earth 2019 - Louie Ann Caragao

Miss Rocky Mountains Earth 2019 - Louie Ann Caragao

Miss Rocky Mountains Earth 2019 - Louie Ann Caragao


As many of you have distinguished, I am Miss Rocky Mountains Earth 2019, representing the scenic state of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains region. I personally have chosen the Miss Earth organization not only because I am a Filipina wanting to signify myself as a Filipino in the Miss Earth competition in the Philippines, but I am also a proud product of having lineage of farmers who planted pineapple and coffee beans. The other side of my family preserves a farmstead of coconuts in the Philippines as well! As a matter of fact, I love Miss Earth’s slogan, “beauty for a cause,” because as a titleholder, I have the opportunity to encompass and assist other individuals/foster any foundations.  Miss Earth USA not only measures and helps me become more environmentally friendly, but it gave me the experience for my reliance. As Miss Rocky Mountains Earth 2019, I have volunteered in nursing homes, serving the elderly and those affected with dementia. Correspondingly, I will help cultivate health care professionals, garden, and decontaminate the Colorado Springs area with the staff and the seniors for an ecologically friendly environment.

I am captivated by the science behind conservational factors. My platform, air pollution linked to much greater risk of dementia is more than an aspiration to acquire, comfort, and flourish.  A person must be able to apprehend through different lenses. My grandparents from both sides of the family are undergoing dementia currently, the reasoning behind my proposal. Furthermore, It is often known that some of the health risks of gasping sufficient and ultrafine particles are entrenched, such as asthma, lung cancer, and, most recently, heart disease.  Moreover, The brain region called the hippocampus is the center of learning and memory in the brain, and the brain cells in this region are often the first to be damaged. Others may not recognize that air pollution is the root to dementia. Just like the flower, “forget-me-knot,” one is not wanting to forget, but trying to piece together a puzzle of memories instead.

Equally important, atmospheric air pollution can be outlined as the presentation of any chemical, physical, or biological pollutant: indoor or outdoor air which the natural characteristics of the atmosphere harms human health. Air pollutants can be released into the atmosphere from both natural (ex: windblown dust, volcanoes, and wildfires) and anthropogenic bases (ex: power plants, industries, and transportation). However, manmade sources are identified as the major contributor to indoor and outdoor air pollution. Human activities distress the timing, setting, and degree of personal exposure to pollutants. Reports have shown that air pollution not only affects the elderly population cognitively, but it also damages the brains of the younger cohorts.

As a result, the reimbursement of the brain leads to the deficiency of memory, the shortage of the capacity to pay attention, poor reasoning and judgment skills, and the lack of communication usage. Although this may be true, physical exercise on a regular basis and consuming a Mediterranean diet are preventions of the risk of having dementia throughout aging. Also, the amount of radiation one consumes, especially during the morning hours will benefit an individual in order to counteract dementia. Consequently,

by laughing together, people manage to overcome embarrassment, connect with others, and carry on communication abilities which also lends a hand and diminishes the disease.

Just like the flower, Forget-Me-Knot because of the noteworthiness of not wanting to forget others or become forgotten, we need to remember those we love and make connections that last through a lifetime. It is not just being eco-friendly, a call for action to clean up our cities and urban environments of the future is needed. It solely starts with one person. That is why I thank EarthWater for generating a brand of water for people who want to live a healthier lifestyle and for subsidizing the Miss Earth USA association to become “rehydrated, replenished, and recovered.”

Get to know Miss Rocky Mountains Earth 2019 - Louie Ann Caragao

Where are you from: Monument, CO
School: University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Horse back riding, Kickboxing, Hiking, Ice Skating, Cooking, Culture + Travel, Going on new adventures
Platform: Air Pollution Linked to Dementia