NASCAR Drivers: Why Hydration is Critical!

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Race car interiors get hot, very hot. Drivers wear multiple layers of clothing, gloves, helmets and leather all designed to keep fire out, which keeps the heat in. Keeping a driver cool during a long, hot race isn’t easy. 

During a two to three hour race, a driver can lose up to 10 pounds of water, and if he/she is not replenishing, it can hurt their performance.  When driving around the track at over 150 mph, reaction time is critical.  Proper hydration is essential to maintaining a continuous and instantaneous response time.

When you become dehydrated, it can take hours or even days to fully recover. 

EarthWater has been the water of choice for many drivers because of its all natural 9.5 -10.5 pH, 70+ trace minerals, high molecular oxygen and the most powerful antioxidants in the world.  

With zero sugar or artificial flavors, no preservatives or chemicals and zero calories or carbohydrates, EarthWater helps you hydrate better and recover faster! 

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