The Little Things Add Up

It’s been a month since the New Year’s Eve champagne toasts, confetti, & the famous Times Square ball counted down to 2019!


Goals were set, plans were made, gym memberships were purchased, and the best intentions were made to live our best life.  Yet, while we have the best intent to follow through, the reality of meeting and executing our goals is a different story.                      

If we break our intentions into smaller goals, we find the little things really do add up and become easier to follow through. 

Here are some tips to start incorporating changes into your daily lifestyle: 

•       Stretch every morning.  When you get out of bed, take a few minutes to do a full body stretch.  This aids in getting your blood flowing, which improves circulation and maintaining long term flexibility.

•       Remember to HYDRATE.  Drink at least one bottle of EarthWater a day.   Providing your body with 70+ natural trace minerals and electrolytes has countless benefits and will have a positive impact on your overall health from the inside out.

•       Be more active.  If you’re watching TV, do a few crunches or squats.  Instead of driving a block down the street, walk or jog it!  Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs.  Make a conscious effort to be more active.  All these things add up in your overall fitness.

•       Fall in love with clean foods.  Fresh fruits and vegetables instead of processed or canned foods.  Experiment with new recipes and have some fun in the process!  (Tip: Roasting vegetables is one of our favorite ways to prepare them... it’s SO easy and delicious.)

•       Help others.  It’s amazing how our inner well-being and overall health is impacted positively when we help others.  Volunteering, smiling, saying hello to a stranger, or offering a word of encouragement to a friend are all excellent ways to give back. 

•       Plan more activities in nature.  Take an evening walk in your neighborhood or local park or enjoying a daily stroll are great ways to keep your body moving and reconnect with mother earth.

Remember, every day is a new day!  Start something new on the journey to living your best life!  Feeling refreshed and hydrated with EarthWater is always just one bottle away.