EarthWater Ambassador Bo Marchionte Celebrates 21 Years of Running!

EarthWater Ambassador Bo Marchionte has a 21-year head start on you as of TODAY! That’s right, today EarthWater sends a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Bo Marchionte as he celebrates the 21st anniversary of running every single day (7,665 consecutive days).

To commemorate his incredible achievement, we were able to ask Bo a few questions about his journey and how he’s been able to keep up with running each and every day.

EarthWater Ambassador – Bo Marchionte    Click on photo to watch Bo’s congratulatory video

EarthWater Ambassador – Bo Marchionte

Click on photo to watch Bo’s congratulatory video


EW: Today you are celebrating 21 straight years of running!  Congratulations!!!   Does that mean you haven’t missed a single day of running in that time span?  Tell us what this achievement means to you and how you have been able to keep it going day after day for all of these years?

Bo: Yes, it means that every day since 1998, I have run at least three miles every day without missing one day.  I feel blessed to be able to do something that I love for so long without any interruptions. Being blessed most importantly, is the top reason for reaching this many years, however love, passion and desire have also factored in to my running journey.


EW: What do you do to prepare for your runs and how do you recover?

Bo: To be honest there is little I do to prepare other than run the previous day. Recovery is warm and ice-cold baths which I feel are one of the hidden gems to keeping the body feeling good. EarthWater has replaced the sugar packed drinks I would consume prior to running. Since I learned about EarthWater, I’ve been very pleased with the way my body performs repeatedly day after day.


EW: Where is your favorite place that you’ve ran?

Bo: So many wonderful places, but off the top of my head right now it may be in Nevada up to the summit of Mount Charleston. It was a different kind of scenery than I’m accustomed to as the visual images were simply amazing. A trip is being planned this summer with two fantastic cinematographers to run and share certain areas along Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. So, plenty of exciting places should be on my running menu in 2019.


EW: What are your goals for 2019 and onward?

Bo: My goal is to always remain healthy and lace up every day. I may possibly do another 50 miler or some speed timed goals in a 50K.  Those are two early goals which have been brewing in the back of my mind over the last few months.  


EW: Any parting words or last thoughts for yours and EarthWater’s fans?

Bo: I encourage everyone to get off the couch and seek an activity which can provide a healthier way of living. Find something that suits you and, most importantly, that you find enjoyable. It’s not work when you love doing something and you will feel better afterwards. Once you’ve taken those first steps then be sure to consume a few bottles of EarthWater every day to replenish, refuel and recover. These tips will help you ease into a fitness lifestyle.

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