Healthy Sleep is Calling Your Name

Routine, Self-Care, Minerals and a nightly break up with Technology can change your entire world. (Don’t worry, you can get back together in the morning)


How can you thrive when you are sleep deprived?

Do you ever find yourself dreaming of being fully caught up on sleep, and functioning at your full potential?  Well my friends, dreams DO come true!  With a few simple tips & suggestions... you just might channel your inner “sleeping beauty.”


The National Sleep Foundation recommends between seven and nine hours of sleep a night for adults.  Going to bed around the same time each night helps your body establish a sleep rhythm, so your slumber is more restorative.  If you stick to the same pattern each night, your body will grow accustomed to it and will know when it’s time to unwind.  Eventually it will become easier to fall asleep.

We never realize how CRUCIAL our sleep is until we become deprived, lethargic, and realize that whatever percentage of sleep we’re lacking will directly be deducted from our fullest potential in all aspects of our lives.


Here at EarthWater, we’re never surprised when a consumer of our product tells us how they can’t believe even drinking just one bottle a day has dramatically improved their sleep!  It is our over 70+ trace minerals and natural electrolytes which fuels your energy during the day and naturally helps your body transfer into a deeper state of sleep at night.

Aside from drinking EarthWater, a healthy diet/lifestyle is key, too. (Oh, hello Captain Obvious.)  If you’re consuming a bunch of sugars or eating too late, this can keep you awake and throw your digestion system off.   Um, no thanks.


1.)      Make sure you’re getting the proper minerals, vitamins, & nutritious foods during the day.  We recommend at least one bottle of EarthWater a day.  Personally, I drink about 3 a day.

2.)      Take some time to wind down.  Make it your routine... routine is KEY for consistent sleep.  For example, journal, meditate, soak in a warm bath and try to stick to a time schedule.

3.)      Set yourself up for a successful morning by completing some tasks the night before that could put             you in a rush the next day.   It’s so relaxing to know you can wake up and be several steps                 ahead as you venture out on your fresh, new day!

4.)      TURN OFF/PUT AWAY THE ELECTRONICS.  They keep our brains stimulated and therefore your brain isn’t producing the natural melatonin it needs.

5.)      Your bed should be your oasis.  Create an atmosphere that is your place of zen, comfort, and relaxation...

6.)      Lastly.... all lights out!  Just like our amazing black EarthWater, the darkness in your room can be just as beneficial to your sleeping career.

(P.S.- We use Only EarthWater in our coffee mug)

(P.S.- We use Only EarthWater in our coffee mug)

Hope these tips helped!

Lots of love from all of us at Team EarthWater!  We hope our water can help you as it helps so many!  Say hello to our minerals and goodbye to your unwanted midnights! 

Moonlight & Minerals,


Team EarthWater