The Mineral Deficiency Epidemic

EarthWater to the rescue

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Unless you live on an organic farm, drink from a natural spring well, call for a horse & buggy instead of an Uber – then it is possible you are in the mineral deprived category of living in modern society.


If that sounds like you, have no fear! EarthWater is here to help. SO, let’s get down to the facts, and take control of this epidemic.

  1.) What is mineral deficiency?

Mineral deficiency is a lack of the dietary minerals, the micronutrients that are needed for an organism's proper health. The cause may be a poor diet, impaired uptake of the minerals that are consumed or a dysfunction in the organism's use of the mineral after it is absorbed.


Yeah... No thank you.

2.) What are the symptoms of mineral deficiency?

·      decreased immune system

·      constipation, bloating, abdominal pain

·      diarrhea

·      irregular heart beat

·      loss of appetite

·      muscle cramping

·      nausea and vomiting

·      numbness or tingling in the extremities

·      poor concentration

·      slow social or mental development in children

·      weakness or tiredness

3.) How can EarthWater help restore the essential minerals missing in your life?

EarthWater has over 70+ trace minerals in just one bottle, including the rare Fulvic & Humic (Humic is the reason why our water has its beautiful dark color).  We recommend at least one bottle of EarthWater daily in order to fuel your body with the nutrients from Mother Nature herself.

Here at EarthWater, it is an honor to witness the transforming power of these rare minerals and an even bigger blessing to share them with you.

LUCKILY, you don’t have to go mining for these precious, life-changing minerals... We have already done it for you! The ultimate gift in a bottle from us here at Team EarthWater.

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Health, Minerals and Love,


Team EarthWater