The Magic of Minerals

Growing up, I was always mesmerized by magic.  It was unbelievable to see an object being transformed or disappearing right before my eyes.

As an adult, it’s just as unbelievable to see a person’s body, health, & well-being transformed by living a healthier lifestyle!  One component of this transformation is ensuring you incorporate the proper minerals and nutrients into your daily diet!

Minerals are truly transformational for the human body.  When you have the “Greatest Water on Earth”, COMBINED with over 70+ trace minerals, made from Fulvic & Humic acids plus 100% natural electrolytes… you may start to notice a beneficial change.  

Note: Humic acid is responsible for giving EarthWater its beautiful black color

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What are minerals anyway?

Minerals are elements found on planet earth and in food which are essential for good health.  Our bodies need these to develop and function normally.  They include calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine, chromium, copper, fluoride, molybdenum, manganese, and selenium.

WHY do we need these minerals and WHAT kind of life-changing impact can they have on the human body?

Minerals can restore & regenerate your immune system, boost brain function, lower anxiety and stress, reduce muscle weakness, boost bone health, and countless other benefits.  Drinking EarthWater provides up to 70+ life essential trace minerals, and gives your body the power to ABSORB minerals faster and more efficiently than regular water!

When you drink it, (especially on a consistent basis) you will FEEL the benefits of the nutrition & hydration throughout your body.  It’s a beautiful thing.  #drinkdifferent #feeldifferent

“There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein

Stay Magical my Friends,


Team EarthWater