Effective Ways to Detoxify Your Body Naturally

By: Kim Francis

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What does it mean to detoxify your body?  Let’s start with the meaning of the word detoxification.  

Detoxification, or “detox” for short, is the body’s process of removing unwanted toxic substances acquired from environmental pollutants or excessive consumption of junk, refined and processed foods. 

Detoxification is not a food, or diet, or a pill - it is an ongoing, VITAL process that your body does (on its own) in order to survive. It happens 24/7, 365 days of the year. Not just for a few days or weeks prescribed to “do a detox”.

Your main detoxification organs are the liver and kidneys. The bowels and urinary tract are extensions of these organs as wastes exit your body. The skin (via sweat) and the lungs (via breathing/expelling CO2) are also considered detoxification organs. All together, these organs are pathways that toxins take to move through and exit your body.

There is a multitude of research showing that being exposed to toxins can contribute to resistance of weight-loss, chronic illnesses like cancer and diabetes, and trigger or aggravate autoimmune conditions.

While the liver possesses the capability of clearing out toxins at regular intervals, there are tips you can follow naturally to ensure that you have a healthy gut and glowing skin almost every time.

1. Eat fresh and clean 

Go organic and say yes to a healthy life.

The most important cause of toxin accumulation is consumption of highly fried, processed, refined & packaged foods. Excessive oil, salt and sugar act as toxins and can lead to various health issues in the future. It’s important to remember that pesticide sprayed fruits and veggies can be equally harmful to your body.  Opt for organic fruits and vegetables rather than consuming fast foods and processed foods.  Cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower and brussel sprouts are types of vegetables which assist in detoxification.

2. Increase your Fiber

You can keep your digestion running smoothly by eating foods high in fiber such as beans, berries, avocados, squash, peas and flax or chia seeds.   

3. Drink plenty of Water (EarthWater)

There is nothing better than water to detoxify your body.  Water is not just essential for survival but is important for removal of unwanted toxins.  Water not only removes the impurities efficiently but helps n weight loss, improved skin and can help boost energy levels. Equally important is to be sure you get your minerals because also support detoxification.  How can I get my daily minerals? Drink one bottle a day of EarthWater or one EarthWater mineral concentrate packet in your beverage of choice. EarthWater has over 70+ trace minerals, is 100% natural, full of electrolytes and powerful antioxidants which are essential to a healthy body.  EarthWater offers an easy and healthy way to incorporate these important minerals into your daily diet.

4. Start exercising

We all need to exercise and starting out with as little as 15 minutes per day will help you say yes to a healthy body in the new year.  We need exercise in order to detoxify. When you exercise there is sweating and sweating is a means by which the skin eliminates toxins. Exercising will not only help you in staying fit and healthy but will help you get rid of unwanted toxins.  Some ways you can exercise at home is to do sit ups, squats, march in place or forward lunges.  Start the new year and new you off right and as Nike says “Just DO it!”

5. Rest

Resting is a way to assist the body in resetting itself.  Taking a time out can help reduce stress, boost your immune system and help reduce inflammation. Getting away from work or the stressors of life from time to time can help boost your immune system. 

About EarthWater:

EarthWater is a health and wellness company and manufacturer of mineral infused high-alkaline beverages and liquid concentrate with the proprietary Hydration Molecular Complex (HMC), using 100% natural, proprietary blends of organic fulvic and humic complexes mined from deep within the earth's surface. Fulvic and humic minerals have rehydrating and detoxifying qualities that can inhibit free radicals and improve absorption of key nutrients. EarthWater products will now be sold globally through the PURE Network Program and online through the Amazon Exclusives Program. To engage with EarthWater online, you are encouraged to "like," "follow," and "share" the brand's social media pages. EarthWater inquiries may be emailed to info@earthwater.com.

SOURCE: EarthWater