Want a Great Night’s Sleep? Stay Hydrated!


Six in 10 Americans are currently sleep-deprived and those affected may not only be crankier and more fatigued, but also at a greater risk of obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and heart problems. If you have trouble sleeping, you may have read about the importance of a strict sleep routine and of designing a quiet and dark bedroom. One thing you may not know is that to really sleep well, keeping your hydration levels up with quality water is key. FULHUM Earthwater (which is 100% natural alkaline water with over 70 trace minerals) will rapidly hydrate you thanks to its potent detoxifying, inflammation-busting effects. The good news is that it will also help you achieve the zzzs you need to wake up with a bounce in your step.

Dehydration Hampers Quality Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation has warned that going to bed even mildly dehydrated can lead to poor quality sleep. The main reason is dry nasal passages, which can cause snoring, sore throat, and night leg cramps - all of which can lead to frequent waking. Factors that can increase dehydration include snoring, having a warm bedroom, and drinking heavily. Thus, you may sleep for eight or nine hours but still feel tired when you wake up. This is a good sign that you have not made your way through all the sleep cycles, including the restorative ‘deep sleep’ stage.

Why is Deep Sleep so Important?

There are five stages of sleep; the third and the fourth involve deep, restful sleep. During this stage, the body produces HGH (Human Growth Hormone) at the highest rate. HGH is key for muscle and tissue formation and it is responsible for skin elasticity - which is one of the main reasons why good sleep is essential for youthful skin. HGH can also help the skin in another important way - by enhancing wound healing thanks to enhanced collagen formation. Having enough HGH reduces your cardiovascular risk, builds stronger bones, and enhances weight loss. It keeps you looking and feeling young, so make sure to stay hydrated so you don’t have to wake up too frequently to get a glass of water .

How Can You Stay Hydrated throughout the Day?

Being hydrated involves drinking enough water throughout the day, though the standard motto of drinking ‘six to eight glasses’ rule may not apply to everyone. As noted in the Mayo Clinic Women’s Health Source, certain factors may require an increased intake, including intense physical activity, living in a hot and humid area, dry indoor air and high altitudes, and being ill - particularly with fever and other illnesses that make you lose more moisture. In general, doctors recommend drinking enough so that our urine is light. However, as we get older, we may need to drink more, since we are less likely to feel thirsty. Signs of dehydration to watch out for include headaches, constipation, and urinating infrequently.

To stay hydrated, keep a bottle of FULHUM Earthwater on hand, and try to drink around two litres a day, also consuming moisture-rich fruits. Doing so will ensure you feel alert throughout the day, but will also enable you to rest well at night. There is an important link between your hydration levels and your ability to make it through all the crucial sleep cycles, so if you want to enjoy good sleep quality as well as quantity, water will certainly be a lifesaver.

Guest Blog Submission by Karoline Gore

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