Keeping the Body Hydrated, from Head to Toe


Human beings often associated dehydration with a sensation of thirst, but this state can be dangerous, especially for young children and seniors. Dehydration has many short- and long-term effects. Did you know that when it strikes, parts of the brain can swell, and your ability to carry out normal tasks can suffer? A study published in Physiological Reports found that mere heat stress, exercise, and dehydration can have significant effects on our cognitive functioning, though over-hydration is equally bad. As researchers noted, when high endurance athletes consume too much water alone, blood sodium can drop excessively, leading to a condition known as water intoxication or ‘hyponatremia’. What is the best way to ensure that you don’t under- or overdo it? How can you keep your entire body hydrated even during the warmest seasons of the year?

Enjoying a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep may just about be the last thing you think of when discussing hydration, but a recent Penn State study found that adults who sleep only six hours a night (rather than the recommended eight) have a higher chance of being dehydrated. The reason is that when we sleep we release a specific hormone called vasopressin, which is released later in the sleep cycle. When we miss the deep cycle of sleep, we fail to produce enough of this hormone, and the result is a disruption in the body’s hydration levels.

Choosing the Right Water

To stay hydrated, choosing quality water such as EarthWater, which is 100% natural alkaline water that has over 70 trace minerals plus Fulvic and Humic complexes, is important. Trace minerals are vital to keep the body in a hydrated state because they balance the amount of water in the body, balance acid/pH levels, and help with the transport of nutrients of cells; they also help cells rid themselves of harmful toxins. Water that is beneficial to health is pure and harnessed from the earth; it can help with a host of bodily functions, including improving circulation and improving blood pressure, lowering levels of arthritis-related pain, promoting beautiful skin and nails, and helping build a powerful immune system.

Letting Your Body Be Your Guide

In a review published in the American Journal of Physiology, Dr. H Valtin set out to answer whether or not the centuries-old mainstay that you should drink eight hours of water a day, has a scientific basis. Today, health professionals still recommend that you consume this amount per day, and while it won’t cause you harm, as noted by Dr. Mercola, eight isn’t necessarily the ‘magic number’ for everyone. Your requirements for water will go up or down depending on various factors, including your activity level, the season of the year, and more. He recommends letting thirst guide you and using the color of your urine as a guide – aim for a lighter rather than a dark color to ensure you are getting all the water you need. Much of the water we obtain comes from food as well, so make sure to consume hydrating foods such as fruits and veggies like fresh cucumbers, celery, iceberg lettuce, and even cauliflower!

Keeping your body hydrated involves more than drinking water; you should also aim to sleep well every night and enjoy a well-balanced diet. Select the right kind of water, ensuring it is rich in minerals and other powerful components. There is no better choice than EarthWater due to the 70+ trace minerals and high alkalinity with a natural 9.5-10.5 pH! Finally, stay in tune to the messages your body is sending you, quickly filling a glass with your favorite water as soon as you start feeling thirsty.

Guest Blog Submission by: Karoline Gore

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