EW Ambassador: Bo Marchionte


Meet Bo, a guy who just loves to run and loves his EarthWater. In fact, he loves running so much that he’s been doing it every single day, straight, since 1998. We think that’s pretty cool, so we asked him some questions.

1.     It's obvious that you love running, which is why you’ve done it every day since 01.04.98. So, I can’t help but ask, Why? How did this start and what has kept you going every day for more than 20 years now?

Cal Ripken Jr. had his consecutive streak in baseball back in the 90’s and it kind of coincided with that. During that time, he was as iconic as any athlete in sports today. I knew I was never going to be the fastest and run the farthest but figured this would be an accomplishment if I could reach his consecutive game streak by running at least three miles per day. I would go a few days, maybe like 13 days in a row then then miss, but I finally decided to get serious about it and go after Cal, which luckily, I reached and surpassed, thankfully. 

2.     Do you ever get tired of running or perhaps think about switching exercises?

Ironically no, my love has never been more intense. It is an addiction. The day before I’m already engaging in my head when and how far I plan on running. It is comical and maybe just sad how antsy I can get if I get with back-to-back three-mile days. I get nuts!

In regard to other sports I love them all but I’m a little reluctant to do some for the fear of getting hurt and not being able to run. Plus, I did some indoor soccer leagues when I was young, and guys were out there trying to dismantle your body. Wasn’t worth it.

3.     Do you run even when you’re injured or sick or out of town?

Yes, I’ve been sick just like everyone else, thanking the big man above that he has allowed me to avoid anything catastrophic. An ankle twist years ago, brought me to tears I thought I broke it. Arrived home my wife took me to the emergency and they took x-rays that came back negative. I told the doctor about the streak at that time and he shrugged his shoulders and said something along the lines, “you’re going anyway so what is the use of telling you to stay off it.”

When I’m out of town, I preplan routes and places I can go from where I’m staying. It is always one of my favorite things because you get a lay of the land that is avoided by cab or treadmill (which I never use). Love seeing a cool restaurant or shop on my run. Then after I clean up I know that around the block or up the road is a cool place I want to visit.  

The one run I get scorched about the most is the day our first born arrived. The doctor gave my wife an epidural and was informed that it would be a few hours before delivery. Laced up the shoes and out the door I went. Looking back might have been the best idea but in the moment she was napping and really just sitting there was all I was gonna do. Twenty minutes and bing, bang boom and it is done. 

4.     You look like you’re in incredible shape. Is that just from running or do you also do other stuff? Have you always been physically fit?

Thanks for the kind words. Far from incredible shape trust me on that. The passion is running and I do some sit-ups and push-ups. Never had a gym membership or lifted. I just like the freedom to lace them up and go out the front door and boom I’m in instance workout mode. Played soccer growing up and like most kids growing up, you are usually made to run when you mess up so I did not like running growing up at all. It was viewed as a punishment. Around 19 or 20 years old I began to tinker with it. It would be like two in the morning I’d be watching ESPN and decide to go running. Maybe half a mile but it was sporadic. Eventually a routine was developed. A little over three miles each day but not every day. Then finally I wanted to go streaking.  

5.     What is your resting heart rate?

No idea to be honest. I tell people all the time, I absolutely love running but I’m not what most people call a ‘runner’. People will say their glutes are tight and honestly, I’m like where are my glutes. Embarrassing to admit but it is the truth. I just run.  

6.     What is your typical running regimen? (average distance per day, max & min, time of day, etc.)

The goal each day is 8-10 miles, which doesn’t happen every day. One day might be three miles and the next day 14 miles. The least amount I go is three miles or 30 minutes. I keep a running calculator in my head that lasts seven to ten days, so I meet my goals of 60 to 80 miles per week. Typically, in the morning but not too early is when I run. It does vary from day to day. One day might be 9am the next 2pm.

7.     What's your favorite place to run at? Where do you dream of running?

Every day running it is Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio. About an hour away is the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which host the Burning River 100 Endurance Race, which is rooted deep in my heart. Places I have on the Bucket List is The Behind the Rocks Ultra in Moab, Utah and the Great Wall of China Marathon is right up there. Following the No. 23 Earthwater racing car driven by Gray Gaulding on Instagram, gets my imagination thinking some running laps around Daytona or Talladega would be an ideal way to spend my running day. 

8.     What is the longest time/distance you’ve run in one go?

Fortunately, I’ve been able to finish four out of the five 100-mile races I signed up for that remain very dear to me for so many reasons. Those type of races allow you to meet so many wonderful people via the other runners and volunteers. The bonding and encouragement from total strangers when you are at your lowest point are memories that so special. The next race I have is a 30k or 18.6 miles and I’ll have plenty of Earthwater on hand for when I hit the aid stations. 

9.     What advice would you give those who are training to run for long distances?

My advice is if you can run a 5k then you can run a 10k. That means you can run a half-marathon and that means you can run a full marathon. I tell everyone the farther you go, it just means the pain is worse and most likely your average pace will slow dramatically (lolol). I’ve witnessed so many friends and family members who never dreamt of running a 5k and finishing. Then they eventually have a wonderful medal placed around their neck after running 26.2 miles. It takes most people time to build up to those distances, but it can be achieved. 

10.  Lastly, if you would, how do you like Earthwater?

Love it! Came across it after a run about a year ago and was interested after I saw the bottle. When I asked the other runner about it, he gave me one of his own to try and I really enjoyed it. Loved the fact that is wasn’t packed with sugar and I believe most people truly love the taste of water after a workout. We drink other things besides water after a workout because of what is in the particular drink. Earthwater taste great and has those natural supplements our bodies crave after a workout. I’m confident in saying this because I’m literally running every single day that I feel better before, during and after my runs. A little extra appears to resonate in your performance once you have been drinking it for extended time (few days). Truly feel that anyone who is serious about diet or exercise should use and feel the benefits of the product. I joke about it, but I feel like Popeye getting his spinach when I open an Earthwater bottle.

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