EarthWater Goes Off-Roading with Josh Herzing at 3P Offroad

Josh Herzing is the owner and operations manager at 3P Offroad and has one of the coolest jobs we have ever heard of… racing super-charged dune buggies.  3P Offroad started in a small garage in Texas centered around a love for the ATV industry and is your one-stop shop for ALL Can-AM & Polaris ATV/ Side-By-Side needs. 


EarthWater connected with Josh through a post on social media where he mentioned that FulHum helped him stay hydrated during their recent race in 105-degree heat! Needless to say, we were excited to ask Mr. Herzing some more questions about these crazy awesome machines and how EarthWater has played a role in what they do over at 3P Offroad!


What was the race called and where was it?


The race is called Vegas to Reno, is an off-road race through Nevada's rough terrain desert.  The start is outside of Las Vegas and it finishes in Reno Nevada.   This is the Longest off-road race in America. 


What type of vehicles do you race?


We race a Polaris RZR 1000 which is a UTV (utility vehicle or utility task vehicle). Think of a dune buggy on steroids!


How many racers participated and how did it go?


This race had about 350 racers!  Our class (Pro UTV Production) had 40 entries, we had some serious mechanical failures that resulted in us getting a 14th place finish.  


Which EarthWater Product did you use?


 We used the FulHum concentrate inside of water bottles. 


How did EarthWater help you during the race and after?


The temperatures in the desert out there were 110 degrees plus and with us being inside the race car for almost 20 hours it is very easy to get dehydrated.   Many teams that were not familiar with EarthWater were using IV's before the race.   The FulHum gave our bodies the hydration and minerals we needed to complete this race safely and efficiently 


When is the next one and where can people go to learn more about you?


The next race is in Laughlin, Nevada in October, after that we have the legendary Baja 1000 in Ensenada Mexico.  Our company name is 3P Offroad and we are located in Houston, Texas.  


Check out 3P Offroad via:


Website: Instagram: @3poffroad Facebook: 3P Offroad


Another massive thank you to Josh Herzing from 3P Offroad for sharing his story with us! 


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