EarthWater Fights: UFC Fighter, Ryan “Baby Face” Benoit


Ryan “Baby Face” Benoit got his start at Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) 2009-2013 and has been fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) since 2013.  His next big fight is coming up on Saturday, September 8th 2018 at American Airlines Center for UFC 228 against 32 year old, Roberto Sanchez.  Ryan has been an EarthWater Ambassador for 2 years and has used FulHum to help him stay hydrated throughout his rigorous training regimes and to help him recover afterwards.

“Baby Face” was kind enough to take time between his workouts for a phone interview with EarthWater HQ to answer some questions for us to share with you!

Tell us about your upcoming fight?

It’s September 8th at Dallas American Airlines Center against Roberto Sanchez.  He’s based out of Houston and comes mostly from a jiu-jitsu background which means he’s not a prominent striker, he’s mostly a strangler and takes people down to go for submissions.

How has training been going for you? 

It’s been brutal.  I’ve been out here in New York for a couple weeks now, but it feels like it’s been a month.  It’s been going absolutely great though, because I’m fighting a jiu-jitsu guy who is a talented grappler so I decided to go up to New York to train with the best guys on the planet.  The team I’m working with up here consist of literally the #1, #2, #3 ranked in the world. This gym is mostly known as the most dominant jiu-jitsu gym on the planet.  In fact, there was a feature on Joe Rogan’s podcast recently where he was asked “who do you think is the best grappler on the planet?” and Joe said “It’s gotta be one of John Danaher’s guys, Garry Tonon or Gordon Ryan”.  They call his John’s team the Danaher Death Squad who have been absolutely destroying the competition lately and that’s the team I came to train with and Gary Tonin is the guy that is cornering me and who I’m living with while I’m up here in New York. 

Is there anything new that you have incorporated into your usual schedule?

Yeah, like 3 extra training sessions in a day!  Usually, I only do 1-2 hard work outs when I’m home, but here I’ve been doing 3-4.  Not every session is brutally intense, but I’ll do 2 tough classes one right after the other and then I have a long commute from New York City to New Jersey where I’ll do more strength and conditioning work outs followed by light jiu-jitsu in the night.  I’ve really changed up my routine a whole lot with this camp.

What time does your training day start/end?

So typically, it takes me 2 hours to get to the city every day and my first session starts at 10am and I’ll do two in a row.  Then I’ll take a break and do two in a row at night.  My last session starts at 9pm so it’s a long day of training starting at 10am and ending at 10pm.

I understand that you are having to cut some weight for this fight.  How much are you needing to lose by weigh-ins?

Currently I am sitting at about 139-140 and need to weigh in at 126 so I still have 14 pounds to lose.  On fight week, they weigh you on Tuesday and you officially weigh in on Friday and usually by this time I weigh about 136-137 so looking at losing 10-11 pounds of water weight in 24 hours.

What does that process look like and how do you recover afterwards?

Up until you’re cutting water, it’s all about a clean eating diet and staying hydrated. I get on a nutrition plan that’s high on carbs and proteins leading up to the fight and that’s so you have enough energy to make it throughout the day, you also need to drink at least one gallon of water each day.  Usually on fight week, we cut off most carbs and sodium, however the week before the weight cut I try to sodium load as much I can to retain a lot of water so on fight week it all comes off very quickly, I usually cut about 10 pounds in 1 day.  In the process, I use Sweet sweat which is a cream that helps you sweat, and a plastic suit. Then I start my training routine between getting in the sauna and treadmill then step on the scale and hope you’re at 126 pounds flat. It is the most painful process. 

I have a Nutritionist that gives me a whole plan. We start off with a certain amount of water before I take Pedialyte or start taking any other supplements or nutrients, then we start with our proteins and sugars. After you have your post weigh in meal you start eating at least every hour and try to gain as much weight back as you can.

How much time do you get to recover before you get in the cage?

If you weigh in on Friday morning, you have a window from 8am-10pm for official weigh in and from there you don’t fight until the following night so usually you get a little more than 24-hours to recover.

What is the most difficult part in your preparation?

It’s all difficult and it all sucks.  Finding a balance between training and eating right is really difficult. Being able to stay healthy and not get sick but still be able to push your body. To narrow it down, I would say what sucks the most is the weight cut. You can be planning your whole game plan for weeks and then you get to the weight cut and it’s like nothing else matters. Once you make weigh-in it’s like your first win, you know you’re at least guaranteed your first pay check. After that it’s like switching gears back to fight mode, Weight cut definitely messes with your head the most.

How has EarthWater helped you in your training and in preparing for the big fight?

One big thing I noticed is that when I first came out here it was extremely difficult because I really wasn’t used to training this much and this often.  After doing it for about a week, my body felt terrible because I was feeling overworked, congested and sick after my training sessions my nervous system just felt shot.  Even my team was telling me I was looking sick and wasn’t looking healthy and that I was getting sloppy. After I started drinking EarthWater I started feeling better and wasn’t feeling as sick because my vitamins were absorbing better.  After drinking the water, I think my immune system increased a little bit more.  Training 3-4 times a day really depletes your nutrients and vitamins and I feel a huge difference using the FulHum water to helfp me recover and absorb my nutrients better.

Any parting words for your fans as well as EarthWater’s?

My body. My health.  Stay healthy, stay hydrated and keep training hard!  Make sure you keep your eyes open on September 8th UFC 228 cause I’m coming hard man, and I’m the most prepared I’ve ever been for a fight.  You’re going to see Baby Face 2.0.

Huge thank you to Ryan Benoit and his team for letting us steal him away for a few moments to answer our questions and provide updates on his training and preparation for the big fight.  EarthWater HQ is in the Benoit corner and cannot wait to cheer him on at American Airlines Center, Saturday, September 8th for UFC 228!  

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