What Do NASCAR, EarthWater and The Kitchen Have in Common? Chef Andrew Combs Dishes.

Andrew recently shared his home-cooking with EarthWater over the holidays on his Facebook Page @cookinginthefastlane

Andrew recently shared his home-cooking with EarthWater over the holidays on his Facebook Page @cookinginthefastlane

Andrew Combs is Chef to BK Racing’s 60+ employees that work to field the No. 23 and 83 entries in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. He is a big fan of our Earthwater products, but not just in the way you might think. The adventurous chef that he is, he has begun cooking with EarthWater products as a way to not only flavor his dishes, but also to add nutrients to them.

We sat down with Andrew this week to find out how this Cooking With EarthWater adventure came about.

Q: So, Mr. Combs, how often and for how many people do you cook for?

A: I cook almost every cup race, not only for my own team but for other teams as well. The actual race is usually on Sundays, but people start getting there for the event from Friday forward. So, for big races, you’re looking at close to 100 people that’s I have to prepare for. I cook for celebrities too that come to the races, like the Rock.  

Q: How important is it for the drivers and those on the track to get a good meal in?

A: It’s all about efficiency out there. Speed, size, and strength matters. The difference between winning and losing comes down to milliseconds, so everyone’s got to be at their best. A lot of the crew members out there come from athletic backgrounds - baseball players, football players, wresters, etc, so eating right is essential. On top of that, they are usually out there for the entire day, so you can imagine how exhausting it can get, especially on a hot day.


Q: How do you use our products in your cooking?

A: I mostly use it instead of water to steam or boil my vegetables in. Take for example canned corn. I’ll drain ¾ of the can water, fill it back up with either the black water or Zenfuls, and then use that to boil the contents. Not only does this fill the vegetables with minerals, but the Zenfuls, like Cucumber Mint, give the end product an added aroma. Some of these guys scarf it down and probably don’t even notice, but others do. Another way I use it is in my pasta. I’ll put the black water in with the marinara sauce, which gives it a darker, more robust red. I’d be generous when using it with lighter sauces such as alfredo because it might make it too dark. Also, it’s nice because the Earthwater cleans you out. Not like it makes you run to the bathroom or anything, but it helps to regulate your digestive system. You’re out on the track all day and sometimes you just can’t get away.

Chef Andrew Combs (right) with The Rock 

Chef Andrew Combs (right) with The Rock 


Q: Have you used the black water to boil pasta with? If so, does it change the color?

A: With thinner pastas such as angel hair, the pastas might come out a little darker. But with thicker ones, like tortellini, it comes out the same. Also, I use the Zenfuls to marinade with. It adds an extra natural hint of flavors.

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