EarthWater is Great for... Hair Rejuvenation!?

Ful-er, Smoother, Shinier Hair in Minutes

EarthWater team member Mely Gomez recently launched a hair rejuvenation experiment using EarthWater FulHum. She loved her results so much, she's sharing her secret recipe!

IMPORTANT:  Best used on Dark Hair Tones. As this product is black, be cautious when applying to color treated / light hair tones.                       



Use our mineral infused FulHum water to revitalize your hair by bringing back that natural shine and smoothness you desire. With the 70+ nutritious trace minerals found inside our waters, we have created a solution to effectively and instantly treat dry and brittle hair. It’s simple:



1.       Mix ½ apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle and the other ½ with of our FulHum mineral water.

2.       Apply (spray with a clean spritz bottle) generous amounts over the entirety of your scalp and hair

3.       Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes

4.       Rinse away solution

After first use, Mely found that her hair was instantly shinier and more manageable. 

Repeat as needed!

Have a Happy Hair Day! Let us know how it works: