Should You Be Using Essential Oils?

You know of the oil that is pumped into your car to keep your engine running. You also know of the oils that are used for cooking - olive, vegetable, coconut, etc. But what do you know about ESSENTIAL OILS and their applications, like lavender, or eucalyptus?

Chances are, if you’re into yoga and meditation, you’ve probably heard of them being used for aromatherapy or in scented candles. If you’re into natural / homeopathic remedies, there are claims that they can help to fight cold and flu symptoms, soothe sore muscles, alleviate pain, balance hormones, improve digestion, and reduce cellulite and wrinkles. Historically, essential oils were even used by early Egyptians dating thousands of years back in their mummification process.

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There is even talk nowadays about essential oils being the "new antibiotic". According to an article published by The Atlantic magazine titled “Essential Oils Might Be the New Antibiotics”, farmers are starting to incorporate essential oils into their livestock feed, with some even substituting it for antibiotics. Due to their antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, essential oils offer a more natural and less risky option to antibiotics. According to a recent FDA report, antibiotics consumed by livestock, as a percentage of all antibiotics used in the U.S., jumped 16 points between 2009 and 2012. This puts the total at ~80% consumed by livestock. The rampant use of antibiotics has caused sharp increases in the prevalence of drug-resistant bacteria called “superbugs”, which have not only strained on our healthcare system by incapacitating current medications’ ability to treat infections, but has also resulted in the increased number of deaths caused by infections.

According to Dr. Cyril Gay, the senior national program leader at the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agriculture Research Service, “The loss of antibiotics due to antimicrobial resistance is potentially one of the most important challenges the medical and animal-health communities will face in the 21st century.”

So, what's the verdict? Whether you believe the hype, see the science, or view essential oils as part of your relaxation therapy – we think that natural remedies such as these are worth looking into and educating yourself about. The Earth, as we know, produces the healthiest and most powerful solutions to many of our health concerns and problems. The key is to explore what is available, learn to use your resources properly and to your benefit!

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