We are crazy passionate about helping everyone get the nutrition their body needs on a daily basis. Unfortunately, due to overfarming and overzealous plant scientists, our food just isn’t as nutritious as it used to be. And that is not cool. So we decided we must take action. We traveled around the world looking for the best minerals for your body. That’s when we found Fulvic and Humic, naturally-occurring complexes of minerals that are just what we were looking for. With up to 77 trace minerals, including natural antioxidants, it is just what your body needs. So now we want to put it into everything. We started with water, and are innovating new products as you read this.


We help change and improve people’s lives by offering a 100% natural beverage that can put the much needed micronutrients-missing in our food group-back into the human body and help reduce the incidence of disease and illness.

Earth Water


EarthWater is a health and wellness company with products based on the discovery of an 80-million-year-old deposit of the richest mineral source on planet earth. The Company extracts this composition (from a secret location) and liquifies the concentrate to create its amazing products FulHum and Zenful. These are the essential minerals that human body requires but are not only deprived in their daily diet but also aid our body to maintain right pH levels for good health. EarthWater’s mission is to provide products that infuse valuable micronutrients into your body with our healthy, holistic, natural ingredients supported by “Fulvic and Humic compounds.”


EarthWater's products deliver minerals, enzymes and oxygen in perfect balance to all cells in the body. Our hydrating formula increases exercise endurance and promotes shorter recovery times. EarthWater's Fulvic and Humic compounds are approved by the USDA. EarthWater is registered in London UK and operates in the USA from Addison, Texas.